Working With Us

We take every step to ensure that working with us is simple, effective and to your satisfaction. If you wish to retain our services, the process is easy:

Our Process

Contact & Contract

Use the form below to send us your contact information, or simply give us a call at (866-391-6299). We’ll then request that you send us the plans for the intended view. We can work with a variety of files, including 2D and 3D CAD files (DWG format/export), hand-drawn drafts, photographs or even field measurements for local clients. From this, we can offer a ballpark estimate or suggest the best views for the project.

Additionally, we offer a detailed scope of work which details the terms and conditions of our service agreement. We also offer service-master agreements for blanket work arrangements. Please note that for new clients, a 50% retainer is required before scheduling.

Modeling & Drafting

Next, we’ll import your plans and model files and begin organizing your assets in preparation for production. We assemble the wireframe of the scene and take draft snapshots.  The first views of your project will be presented as untextured or White Model views to verify the location of the view. Following your approval, we make and apply finishes to the wireframe.    

Files are then presented using our on-line delivery system. These may be shared with any member of your team.

Revisions & Completion

First drafts will include all the information you’ve supplied for the view. Any FF&E (furniture, fixtures or equipment) can be added to the scene. If your furniture or equipment manufacturer maintains on-line resources of 3D geometry for their products, we can adapt these for use in your scenes. You then have the opportunity to comment on the first draft, and your comments are incorporated into the scenes. We repeat these steps as often as necessary to your satisfaction.

Final adjustments are then made and the production files are rendered to full resolution. We also can provide finish variations, if required. Remember, we only charge for time to produce the variation, not for a new rendering from scratch.

Finally, we work with your output service providers to ensure any printing of our files is completed successfully. These typically range from four-color printing to job signs, banners and even billboards.


What if the project needs revisions years later?

Most projects we work on have long timelines. We have decades of experience with design processes and know that it is not always a straight course from start to finish!

Do you charge a fee for estimates?

No. We’re happy to review your plans or examine your CAD files. Simply call us toll free at 866-391-6299 or visit our Contact page for information about sending your information to us for a free estimate.

What do you need to create an estimate?

At the very least, send us a PDF file of the plans to your project, structure, site or concept. After we review these, we’ll contact you with questions to better understand your goals for the project. If you have a 3D file, it helps to see this also. We understand that every situation is unique, so whether you need an informal quote, a formal scope of work, or a service-master agreement, we can provide it.

Can you quote me a price without seeing my plans?

Not usually. Unless we’ve had prior experience with you or the project, we find it is best for everyone involved to see what you’re planning. If your project is still in the initial stages of planning, or if you’re writing a proposal, a hand-drawn sketch will work.

How are estimates calculated?

We base every estimate on the complexity of the tasks required to complete the job to your satisfaction. The estimate is presented on a “not-to-exceed” basis, with a detailed break-down of the time required for the job.

How do the fees work when I need to show my client more than one option?

This is very common so our estimates include allowances for a reasonable number of revisions, based on our discussion with you. Unlike some of our competitors, we will not bill you for a completely new rendering if you want to see a variation that only effects a small portion of the scene.

What do you need to start on my job?

As much information as you have available. We can also match the pace of your timeline, working with your information as it becomes available.

May I see progress images?

Absolutely! Most projects are presented to you in four phases:

  1. View verification: This verifies that we have the cameras placed where you want them
  2. Draft: all lighting and finishes in place
  3. Proof: all of your redlined revisions are executed
  4. Production: the final high-resolution file

Oftentimes, we find that once clients see their drafts they want to make revisions as they focus on their choices. Revisions within reason are included in all of our estimates.

What if my plans are not complete?

We can begin work at any phase of your design process, presenting the completed information as you progress.

When we’re done, what do I receive?

For static images, you receive high-resolution image files in virtually any requested format. All files also include a color profile that can be interpreted by most printers and monitors for accurate color printing and viewing. For animations, the file you receive will depend upon the ultimate plan for playback.

What if I need prints or mounted boards?

We work with trusted partners who can provide output, mounting, sealing and delivery on a variety of different media types.

How big can my renderings be?

We’ve put them on billboards and outdoor banners.

How do you bill for the job?

Our billing is straightforward.

  1. For project-based agreements, we bill at the conclusion of the project or monthly if the project timeline is longer than 30 days.
  2. For service-master agreements, we bill on a recurring monthly schedule based on your accounting cycle.

For new clients, 50% of the estimated fee is required for work to begin and 50% is required before you receive files without electronic watermarking. After the first project, we can employ #1 or #2 above.

Interested in Working With Us?

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